These 5-inch inseam shorts are amazing and you need them for summer

Thank Tik-Tok and Patagonia for max thigh exposure.

Noah Winged Foot Rugby Shorts

Many of last summer’s trends are coming back just as strong this year, in large part due to the fact that we really didn’t get to dress all that much during COVID. Among the ones we most strongly endorse is the five-inch inseam, also known as the ideal shorts length for men.

Patagonia Baggies enthusiasts played a large part in championing the five-inch agenda, but it was Tik-Tok that sent the trend over the edge and into the mainstream. Non-zoomers may be hesitant to let the kids tell them what to wear, but this millennial right here is telling you you should indeed start exposing more thigh if you haven’t already.

Short shorts are an easy way to bring more sex appeal into your summer wardrobe, and you don’t need jacked legs to enjoy the benefits. Raf Simons and Miuccia Prada just made a great case for inseams five inches or less with Prada’s latest runway show, all with thighs you’d associate more with birds than horses.

Consider short shorts part of the unofficial recipe for a hot vax summer, and start putting together the ingredients with the pairs we’ve put together for you below.

Patagonia Baggies 5” ($55)


The five-inch inseam version of Patagonia’s iconic baggies are vastly superior to the seven-inch cut and are the perfect starting point for anyone new to shorter shorts. A mesh interior allows Baggies to serve double duty for swimming, but many stylish dudes have cut them out to designate them only for everyday wear.

Goldwin Active Nylon 5inch Shorts ($80)


A less ubiquitous option for the same idea as Baggies comes from Goldwin, a killer Japanese outdoors brand beginning to make inroads in the U.S. They’re made from recycled nylon and look best in fiery orange.

Noah Winged Foot Rugby Shorts ($155)


Rugby shorts are a more durable version of sweat shorts, like what the rugby shirt is to a long-sleeve polo. Noah’s are made of an 8oz cotton that’s not too heavy for summer, and in grey they do wonderful things for your physique farther up from your thighs.

Nike ACG Trail Shorts ($60)


Outdoor apparel is another one of our favorite trends returning this year, and Nike ACG is one of the best brands to do it. The inseam on these nylon shorts with a built-in belt come in just over five inches — a surplus length with the same spirit but slightly more approachable.

Rhude x Puma Rhuigi Edition Moiré Shorts ($90)


Rhude’s in-house shorts may be a little too loud to appease everyone, but it’s collaborative joints with Puma tone down the appearance with oatmeal and black color blocking and a price tag that’s also more affordable. This may be the one time in our lives we’ll see oatmeal is sexy.

New Balance Accelerate 5-Inch Short ($30)

New Balance

New Balance’s understated running shorts are a steal for intended purpose or just dressing your sportiest as the temperatures climb. Because of the brand’s sneaker resurgence, its logo now looks better everywhere.

Tracksmith Van Cortlandt Grand Shorts ($65)


Tracksmith’s old school approach to running has put it well ahead of the short shorts trend, including in collaborations with Noah back in 2017. The inseam here is an even shorter four-inches, the next challenge those that have already mastered five.