BAPE gets even more exclusive by launching limited edition digital art NFTs

Each is expected to cost more than multiple BAPE STAs.


Hype revolves around exclusivity — so it should come as no surprise that one of streetwear’s biggest names, BAPE, is joining the NFT marketplace. The brand, alongside its sister brand AAPE, announced an upcoming release of five limited edition NFTs in conjunction with Cross Studio.

With NFTs raking in thousands to millions of dollars, we can see why BAPE would want to get involved. Virtual shoe brand RTFKT Studios recently released a collaborative capsule with "crypto artist" Fewocious, with the non-tangible footwear selling out in seven minutes and raising $3.1 million dollars. To hypebeasts looking to own the most exclusive goods out there, NFTs are the way to go — each is extremely limited, which is what makes NFTs so valuable (to some).

Cyber clout — With BAPE’s usual drops consisting of more tangible items like hoodies and shoes, the brand sought out Tirith Capital to advise on the digital launch. Tirith Capital’s founder, Jimmie Jeremejev, explained in a press release that BAPE’s long history in streetwear, bolstered by its unique and exclusive design, made the brand’s move into NFTs a logical next step.

BAPE’s most recent — and more tangible — drop.BAPE x Adidas

“BAPE camo pattern is the soul of the brand, and among the past 28 years, BAPE has already created over 200 iconic camo patterns,” Jeremejev said in a press release. “Since its unique designs drive the brand experience, it only makes sense to take advantage of NFTs as a way to keep the ecosystem cutting edge. And, considering that BAPE has collaborated with partners such as Marvel, SpongeBob, and Nintendo, the potential for future digital art NFT collaborations is enormous.”

Jeremejev’s comments imply the NFT market isn’t just one BAPE wants to enter, but instead dominate. A promotion for the NFT sale only furthers this idea, reading “The world of NFTs will be planet of the BAPE.” In the end, though, only the brand’s consumers will decide its fate — is a digital artwork worth as much to them as multiple pairs of luxury sneakers?

BAPE’s STA sneakers usually retail around $279, often reselling for double or triple their original value.BAPE

Change the game with that digital drop — Beginning April 30, five NFT designs will be available for purchase on Mintable. Including three classic BAPE ABC camo patterns, as well as two designs dubbed AAPE x Lilkool Artwork 1 and AAPE x Eric Inkala Artwork 1, the NFTs are fairly limited.

Each AAPE artwork will be offered in 5,000 units, making it the most available of all the NFTs. Blue and pink BAPE ABC camo patterns follow suit, with a more limited run of 250 units. The most exclusive design, however, is BAPE’s most classic ABC camo print in green, which will be available in 150 units.

That said, those willing to pay the price still have a chance at owning a BAPE NFT, but those coveting the camo prints should move fast. With prices expected to run far higher than your average BAPE STA sneaker, though, you might be better off grabbing a screenshot of the BAPE website.