Balenciaga has an ultra-fancy water bottle you can actually afford

Why hydrate with any less style than your wardrobe?

Balenciaga H20 Water Bottle

The humble water bottle has become as much of an accessory as a sustainable way to keep yourself hydrated. High fashion, streetwear, and even cosmetics brands like Glossier have all trotted out stylish receptacles for the most elemental and essential form of sustenance — giving you plenty of options for a water bottle as slick as your bag or sunglasses.

Balenciaga is now making a splash into the hot (or cold?) accessory through its new “Objects” collection. The French luxury house’s take on the water bottle is flat and made of stainless steel just like a flask, but the “H2O” label makes it clear what should be stored inside. At $125, the water bottle is by no means cheap — but it’s as accessible of an entry point for Demna Gvasalia’s Balenciaga as you’ll get.

Because carrying a Balenciaga water bottle is more about being seen than staying hydrated, it should come as no surprise that the brand gives no indication of how much water can be stored. But someone who’s made a career in maths instead of writing like myself can surely figure it out based on the listed dimensions of 4.7 x 1.1 x 7 inches.


You’ll have to do some chasing — Balenciaga has already sold out of its “H2O Bottle” through its website, proving demand for luxury water bottles is much higher than you might expect. It should just be a matter of time, however, before luxury boutiques get stock of the most extra water storage options you’ll find.

The Gvasalia-led house previously made $600 water bottle holders for its FW19 collection, and models walked the runway with the pouches slung over their shoulders. In comparison, $125 for the bottle itself begins to sound reasonable — and whoever shelled out for the bags two years ago can now buy the perfect compliment for just a fifth of the price.

If someone has the gall to question why you have a Balenciaga water bottle, just begin lecturing them on Gvasalia’s work at the luxury house and they’ll surely leave you alone promptly.