Balenciaga, doing the most again, drops a sneaker you can't even wear

As seen on the Silver Surfer.

Looking for a gift for the person who has everything? Look no further. Balenciaga has announced it will be dropping a new sneaker — that can’t be worn. Only for diehard sneakerheads, or alternatively, the super-rich, the new shoe is actually a silver brass sculpture of the Track.2 sneaker, which serves as home decor.

This drop is the first of Balenciaga’s “Objects” collection, described as a capsule ranging from “collectible treasures to items for everyday use, at home or on the move.” Basically, very expensive knick-knacks. But this isn’t the first time Balenciaga has dropped something ridiculous — just earlier this year, the brand released a Vibram toe shoe complete with a heel. Look at your own risk. While it isn’t practical at all, at least this sculpture is easy on the eyes. And now, you could own a sneaker forever in mint condition.

A modern Michaelangelo — I can’t decide whether the inspiration for this shoe came from Cinderella or Fantastic Four. Apparently, the sculpted piece pays homage to the success of the luxury brand’s Track.2 sneaker collection. Presented as a European size 41, the shoe is made from 16 molded brass pieces, which Balenciaga says are then soldered one by one. It’s then coated with palladium to give it that “I’m-richer-than-you” silver glow.

An IRL look at the shoe. Balenciaga

While the sculpture doesn’t beat out the real Track.2 sneaker, which boasts 176 different parts, it certainly weighs more than the average shoe, coming in at 2.5 kilograms, or roughly 5.5 pounds. The sculpted sneaker is also handcrafted in Italy, as opposed to China.

Obviously, this drop is limited edition to ensure exclusivity. Only 20 Track.2 sculptures will be available worldwide, and knowing the Kardashian/Jenners will all want one, that only leaves 12 available for you. Even though this shoe is NSFW (not safe for walking), it’ll be the ultimate flex in your Zoom background.

Shop the silver — The sculpture retails for nearly six times the price of the original Track.2 sneaker at $5,750, and is available now on the Balenciaga website. Honestly, you might be better off with the OG sneaker and a can of spray paint — that way you could at least wear the creation.


The sculpture, though, does have infinite uses besides a costly paper weight. Perhaps if you’re running low on rent one month, your landlord would accept this. Or, keep it bedside in case intruders break in and you must defend yourself. Under no circumstances, however, is this shoe sculpture meant to be worn. Unless…