Balenciaga’s ‘Pool Slide’ Crocs are here just in time for spring and summer

Exposed toes come to the stacked platform.

Balenciaga Crocs Pool Slide Tulip

Balenciaga and Crocs continue to paint the Classic Clog in a new light, as a Pool Slide becomes the latest silhouette to come out of their years-long partnership. Gone is the adjustable strap signature to the OG foam clog, and the toe has been chopped off in order to let your feet breathe.

What remains on the open-toe sandal is the same elevated platform used throughout the high-low collaborations, and a 5mm arch should do wonders for your posterior as you rock the Pool Slides poolside. Balenciaga’s name now comes embossed directly on the upper, since the strap’s been removed, while your respective (European) shoe size is molded onto the heel.

Balenciaga and Crocs’ new silhouette is out now in men’s and women’s sizing, with the latter enjoying a wider berth of color options. Green and black variants are available in both size ranges, while white, yellow, pink, and two floral prints are added for women. Regardless of gender, each pair of Pool Slides will set you back $565 — a good portion of what you might spend on a private pool membership to show them off among your local elites.


What can’t the Croc do? — Balenciaga has proven quite inventive since beginning to play with Crocs’ Classic Croc in 2018, as it’s transformed the once mockable clog to encompass a wide range of footwear categories. What began as a comically large platform has now grown to include stiletto heels, Wellington boots, and a hardcore sandal appropriately dubbed the HardCroc.

During this same time period, Crocs has seen explosive growth thanks to a wide range of other collaborators and a fortuitously timed pandemic to emphasize comfort above all else. Millions have been won over by what was once considered fugly, and the highly acclaimed independent shoe designer Selehe Bembury was even given the opportunity to create the first completely new shape as he made Crocs more attractive than ever.

There’s truly a pair of Crocs for everyone, and that now includes the person who wants to spend 10 times the company’s normal price to stunt by the pool.