Balenciaga takes Crocs to new heights by turning them into boots

Their first release since the viral $850 platforms in 2018.

While a host of collaborators have helped Crocs unlikely rise as one of the hottest footwear brands of the year, Balenciaga was there well ahead of the curve. Designer Demna Gvasalia first transformed the Classic Clog into a platform shoe back in 2018 that was every bit as successful as it was meme’d.

Despite selling for $850, or 17 times Crocs’ regular price, Balenciaga’s foam clog sold out before it could even hit stores. It was shocking at the time that a luxury outfitter, even one as avant-garde as Balenciaga, would collaborate with the footwear brand subject to widespread mockery when it first surfaced in the aughts. But now it’s clear Gvasalia and Co. were among the few to recognize the potential of the fugly shoes so early on.

Three years later, Balenciaga reunites with Crocs again to transform the Classic Clog into a knee-high boot. Revealed this summer along with Crocs stilettos, the Wellington boots are out now for a collaboration dubbed as “Balenciaga Crocs 2.0.” They no doubt remain an oddity, but this time around few will be questioning the merits of luxury Crocs.


Somehow, the price has gone down — Balenciaga’s Crocs Boot is out now with six color options and a $695 price tag that, despite using significantly more materials, comes in at $150 cheaper than the seminal platforms. The very same elevated sole remains, while the Classic Clog’s signature holes have been filled in to protect you from the rain. Up top, Balenciaga’s name appears just below the opening, while the respective shoe size is molded onto the heel as a continuation of the brand’s trademark.

Still yet to be released are Balenciaga’s Crocs stilettos, and this past weekend has shown that the collaborations will begin ramping up. As part of the Summer ‘22 lookbook, Elliot Page was shown wearing a pair of redesigned “Hard Platform” Crocs with metallic accents that include nuts and screws. It seems that Balenciaga is now ready to cash in on the trend it helped kickstart, one bizarre Croc at a time.