This hybrid beauty brand wants to do your makeup digitally and IRL

Bakeup’s first offering will be a physical product, NFT, and Instagram filter.


Digital beauty is here, and it goes a lot deeper than Instagram filters. Virtual beauty brand Bakeup is reimagining makeup in the metaverse with a limited-edition eye embellishment designed for multiple realities. Dubbed the Disco Veiler Eye Adornment, the digital eye makeup is offered as an NFT, augmented reality filter, and physical product.

Co-created by celebrity makeup artist Jo Baker and recording artist Grace Gaustad, Bakeup wants to push the boundaries of beauty experimentation and self-expression with “limitless” digital looks. Its virtual makeup transcends the traditional meaning of makeup by definition, aided by bold colors, funky textures, and eccentric shapes. “It’s time to break up with your makeup rules,” a press release says.

Multiple ways to wear — Consumers can do just that with the Disco Veiler Eye Adornment, which shields the eyes with a translucent mask covered in shiny rhinestones. The tangible version boasts a black mesh base, while the NFT iteration features a skin tone mesh base. The augmented reality filter does without mesh altogether, using a floating rhinestone mask instead.

The tangible, augmented reality, and NFT versions of the Disco Veiler Eye Adornment. Bakeup

All variations of the Disco Veiler Eye Adornment will be available in the fall, when Bakeup releases its full collection. The physical version of the rhinestone mask will be up for sale on the brand’s website, while its filter will be available on Instagram to try before buying.

In keeping with the limited-edition nature of the Disco Veiler Eye Adornment, the NFT will only be accessible to select members of the Non-Fungible People (NFP) avatar community. The collaborative space created by Daz 3D features self-expressive women and non-binary avatars in a hyper-real art style that reflects the essence of Bakeup. Within the NFP community, digital makeup looks can be worn, collected, traded, and sold — bringing together beauty enthusiasts and metaverse users alike.

More to come — The full Bakeup collection will be released in the coming months. There’s no telling what could come next from the brand, but that’s exactly what it’s aiming for. According to a press release, Bakeup has no bounds and no limits — just a passion to use faces as a space for “multi-dimensional, multi-sensory” looks in the metaverse.