This sportswear with built-in sweatbands eliminates the need for towels

Badger Sport wants you to “Get a Grip” on your sweat.

Badger Sports

At times, your biggest opponent in sports isn’t the other team. It’s your own sweat. Badger Sport’s new performance line prevents athletes from constantly having to reach for a towel mid-game or practice. The Sweatless Get a Grip collection eliminates the distraction by packing sweatbands into the sportswear.

Each garment in the collection features lightweight sweatband panels stitched onto the exterior to make wiping your face or hands more convenient. The loop terry cloth is made of polyester and cotton for maximum sweat absorption, and it appears on a T-shirt, a long sleeve shirt, and shorts. Aside from the sweatbands, the rest of the garment uses an antimicrobial fabric that’s also moisture-wicking.

Badger Sport
Badger Sport
Badger Sport

Throw in the towel — Where standard performance gear wicks sweat away from the skin — think Nike’s Dri-Fit or Lululemon’s Luxetreme — the Sweatless gear gives you a targeted place to wipe off your perspiration. The absorbent micro-terry panels are placed in key strategic areas such as the torso, sleeves, neck, and legs to allow for easy access and little distraction.

The sportswear was tested with athletes to get the most constructive feedback possible. Badger didn’t make the apparel with one sport in mind, instead prioritizing crossover needs for a variety of sports. “Any sport that involves throwing or catching a ball, or gripping a racquet or bat benefits,” Ginny Gasswint, Badger’s SVP of Product Development explained. “When we tested with players, they loved the feature.”

The capsule will arrive in six different colors: black, gray, white, red, blue, and navy. Prices range from $19 to $29 depending on the style, size, and quantity ordered. Badger’s Sweatless line will be available this month on its website for any team dealers, individual athletes, or anyone who just wants to get a grip on sports.