Asics gives its lightweight running shoe more color than you could ever want

The Novablast sneaker gets a "Color Injection."

Asics NovaBlast Color Injection Digital Aqua Marigold Orange

Every sneaker brand today has to have a lightweight, ultra-cushiony runner — and for Asics, that shoe is the "Novablast." Packed with Asics' Flytefoam, the Novablast works in the lifestyle space on a semi-athletic dad tip. But with its new "Color Injection" treatment, no irony is needed to rock the shoe in your day-to-day life.

Asics has given the Flytefoam a striking "Digital Aqua" and "Marigold Orange" color scheme that will instantly become the loudest part of your outfit. The paint-striped upper is matched by a splotched outsole with a solid (and bright) blue midsole to separate the two. This screaming treatment is usually reserved for Asics' Noosa series, but it's a welcome addition to a sneaker that typically skews plainer.


Let's say you are gonna run in it — Flytefoam is Asics' equivalent to Adidas' Ultra Boost or Nike's React cushioning, and it's 55 percent lighter than other spongy materials used for midsoles. Fiber reinforces the foam to help it maintain its shape after runs, and the rubber outsole is designed to accentuate the strong sense of energy created by Flytefoam.

Underneath the heel is a unique geometric shape chosen to maximize bounce, and a toe spring helps to continue the effect up front. Asics said it tested more than 300 prototypes over the course of three years before landing on the final product.

Up top is a breathable mesh upper with a slight cage extending from the top of the eyelets to the ankle for more security. Reinforcement also comes at the heel, but besides that, the upper is intended to feel like it's barely there. Of course, it'll be hard for you (or anyone else) to forget you're wearing it when you look down and see the colors of a sunset.


Pick it up now — Asics' "Color Injection" makeover for the NovaBlast is available now through retailers like Slam Jam and For Runners By Runners. It's $146 through the former, or $181 from the latter, but the price there will drop to $151 after excluding VAT when you have it shipped through Europe.

If you don't want to go through all that, I suggest you act quickly and scoop up a pair from Slam Jam. Sizes are already starting to run out for what could be a welcome deviation from your existing sneaker rotation.