A$AP Rocky curated a vintage clothes shop to help you look like him

Created in partnership with shopping service Klarna, which he’s now a shareholder in.

Over the past few years, A$AP Rocky has established himself not only as a superior artist but a fashion icon. His effortlessly refined style has put him everywhere from best-dressed lists to Gucci campaigns — GQ even labeled Rocky as “rap’s fashion darling.” A$AP doesn’t just wear the most hyped pieces either: Most of his recent looks seamlessly blend high-end designer pieces with vintage goods. Now, he’s created a vintage capsule that you can shop to get the look yourself — and most pieces are decently affordable, thanks to the rapper’s partnership with Klarna.

Known for its “buy now, pay later” model, the shopping service allows consumers to split their total payment into four more digestible payments, making any desirable piece more attainable. Motivated by his experience growing up in Harlem, New York, Rocky addressed the difficulties in making payments for people from low-income backgrounds as they pay for student loans with interest. The rapper labeled Klarna as a “layaway plan” on a global scale.“It’s a radical way to approach the crediting system,” Rocky said to Forbes. “[Klarna] helps people with financial literacy.”

Vintage jawns — Now, the platform can also help consumers shop Rocky’s vintage capsule, which includes retro designs from Chanel, Fendi, Tommy Hilfiger, and Jean Paul Gaultier with prices ranging from $4,452 to as little as $16. “It’s not for me to decide what people should wear or how they should wear it,” said Rocky in a press release, seemingly forgetting that he had chosen these items himself. “But helping Klarna create a space for people to discover their own style is more of the consulting and curation I’ve been a part of in fashion for years.”

Some of the pieces A$AP’s picked out.


As an avid fan of more affordable staples like Vans, the rapper knows best of all that you don’t need to be a millionaire (or a famous musician) to curate a good sense of style. Still, whether you opt for a vintage Dior top or classic Levi’s jeans, know that each piece in Klarna’s vintage drop is Rocky-approved.

Fads are fleeting, A$AP is forever — Consumers can shop A$AP’s curated looks on the Klarna app, or on the service’s website. There, you’ll find not just Rocky’s fashion picks, but a campaign video that includes a snippet of the rapper’s new song — dropping this summer.


A$AP, who’s now a Klarna shareholder, also briefly took over the company, assuming the role of CEO for a day on June 1. With his new role and campaign with the shopping service, he hopes to change the way people shop: “Classic styles are undefeated; they always win out over trends that are trying too hard or developed too fast,” the rapper said in a press release.

“Following a challenging year, the world is beginning to re-emerge, and we believe now is the right time to really celebrate the joy of style and fashion,” added David Sandström, CMO of Klarna. “A$AP Rocky’s innovative mindset and his impeccable sense of style and creativity paired with Klarna’s shopping services is the perfect match that will lead us all out of fashion hibernation and encourage everyone to get out and express themselves again.” After all, there’s no better fit to re-enter society with than one picked out by Rocky himself.