Arc'teryx's rare tie-dye jackets are as charitable as they are stylish

Made by the artist Shaun Crawford.

Arc'teryx is already a source for elite-level gorp garments, but its outdoor gear has become even more covetable with the help of the artist Shaun Crawford.

As part of the brand's Artist Series, Crawford has created 51 bespoke pieces that will raise money for the Brooklyn Community Bail Fund. The jawnz for good feature tie-dye treatments unique to each piece, coming in a range of colors and with a choice embroidery of Crawford's backpacking flame logo. The only place you'll be able to get them is at Arc'teryx's New York City store in Soho, where they'll go on sale beginning November 14.


Jackets to fall in love with — The real fun will come in heading to the store to see all the goods, or what's left of them, but Arc'teryx has assembled a small preview of what will be available. Several different shell jackets have been hit with rich dye processes that have ended up looking like piles of foliage.

It's immaculate steez, a dripped out dye to go along with the top-notch tech built for tackling nature or just looking like you could while you're stuck in the city. Arc'teryx doesn't really play the fashion game, but its high quality (and perhaps the status symbol dino logo) is why Frank Ocean and Virgil Abloh have been spotted wearing the brand in the dead of winter at Paris Fashion Week. If you loved Supreme and The North Face's tie-dye cargo collection, you should also love the one-off goods here.

Also included in the run are hiking pants and shorts that are equally as wavy. If you haven't adopted the former in your wardrobe, you absolutely should for the versatility. They're good for skating, hiking, rock climbing, or merely giving off the appearance of being adept at such activities.


You might already know Crawford's work — Crawford, a graffiti artist and ink specialist from Harlem, releases his own tie-dye shirts through his website, and he's also worked with Carhartt WIP and Converse in the past. He's created graphics for Supreme as well, including the sun tee released earlier this season and a finger-painted spellout from the beginning of the year.

For another shot at acquiring his work, RSVP to the Arc'Teryx sale right here.