‘Animal Crossing’ fashion goes IRL with a Uniqlo T-shirt collection

A year after New Horizons became the pandemic solution for getting fits off.

Animal Crossing Uniqlo Nintendo

It was just over a year ago, in the early stages of the pandemic, when Animal Crossing: New Horizons arrived to become the unlikely center of fashion. With nowhere to go and nothing to dress up for, the video game’s custom clothing feature was used to recreate IRL garments and satisfy an itch for expressing personal style. Now, the relationship between digital and real-life style will become more symbiotic with a line of Animal Crossing T-shirts you can actually wear.

Uniqlo UT, the brand’s dedicated T-shirt line, has partnered with the video game to release more stylish designs than what you’d find at, like, GameStop. Crucially, 21 items will also be released within Animal Crossing — so you can coordinate your outfits with your villager.


Better than your average gaming apparel — Uniqlo UT often partners with media franchises to make much more stylish merchandise than you’ll usually find, sometimes even commissioning outside designers to play with iconic IP. For Animal Crossing, the T-shirts will feature fan-favorite characters including Isabelle and Celeste, as well as quotes from the likes of K.K. Slider and Wilbur. Dodo Airlines will also be represented — likely the only airline tolerable enough for you to wear its logo on your chest.

Beyond tees, the collaborative capsule will include tunics and shorts, as well as accessories like tote bags and towels. It’ll also encompass all ages, with sizes ranging from infants all the way up to adults. Back in the world of the game, Uniqlo has created its own island modeled after its stores, and by visiting it you’ll gain access to the digital version of the collection.


Be patient for the rollout — Everyone across the world will have access to the digital collection April 29, when the Dream Address for the island goes public. Meanwhile, the tangible clothing will first release that day in Japan — but the goods won’t make their way to the U.S. website and stores until June 7.

Our advice is to hang tight and don’t overpay to get your Animal Crossing imported early. Your patience will be rewarded by the blissfully cheap prices of Uniqlo and what should be a heavy stock.