Adidas' sparkly ZX 6000 shoe might be the one for your next '90s party

A sneaker your favorite aunt would be proud of.

(Ugly) Sneaker covered in gold and silver sequins

Adidas likes to experiment with its designs, and its newest sneaker is full proof of that. But instead of a Yeezy, or a Beyoncé UltraBoost, the brand's latest ZX 6000 shoe looks like it came straight out of Skechers' playbook, featuring an almost entirely sequin-covered upper.

This release is definitely a surprise — sequins aren’t normally something people wear every day, and there's no upcoming holiday to dress up for or celebrate. Adidas' shiny sneaker joins other odd designs by the brand, which lately have been all over the place.

Earlier this year, Adidas dropped sneakers in partnership with Arizona Green Tea, leaving a bad taste in consumer’s mouths. This poor flavor was only enhanced by the brand's next beverage-inspired shoe, which took shape in a yellow ZX 8000 "Frozen Lemonade" sneaker. To top it all off, the brand revealed what looked to be a leather orthopedic boot during Paris Fashion Week, but luckily, that design isn’t for sale. All of the above, however, begs the question — what's was Adidas thinking with this one?

Glitzy gaffe — Adidas has long reigned at the top of the sneaker game. Sure, it pales in comparison to Nike's empire, but Adidas' market isn’t necessarily adjacent to smaller brands like Puma or Fila. So, to be blunt, why is it releasing these ugly monstrosities? (And, if you like them, well, no judgment here.)


What might be Adidas' sparkliest shoe yet sports sequins in shades of “Crystal White,” “Shock Purple,” and “Mist Sun.” Gold and silver sequins cover the majority of the upper, while purple and red accent the Three Stripes branding. A reflective silver fabric covers the shoe’s tongue, accompanied by green branding and laces. The only parts of the sneaker not covered in shine are the translucent cream heel, signature lightweight EVA midsole, and black rubber outsole.

Untouchable and unwearable — So far, this women’s exclusive ZX 6000 is limited to select retailers, where it can be purchased for the seemingly absurd price of $130 — unless you're really, really into that glitter effect.

This creation looks like a DIY project, and the only thing missing from it is light-up bottoms. I can’t think of a single place I would wear these — and this is coming from someone who wore a neon leather coat to get coffee this morning. But come to think of it... am I starting to like them? I'll never tell.