Kanye West’s Adidas Yeezy ‘Sulfur’ Foam Runner sandal is dropping this week

A minimal color scheme for the maximalist shoe.

Kanye West has kept a low profile after canceling his Coachella performance, but his Yeezy label is churning out the releases as usual. Last month, the brand dropped a whopping 14 releases and restocks alone, and the next shoe to hit the market is a “Sulfur” iteration of the Foam Runner.

Even the planet loves this one — While the sandal is usually met with either admiration or hesitation, it’s hard to downplay its comfort factors. Harvested algae and EVA contribute to its lightweight construction, while the caged makeup adds support and stability. For the eco-conscious shopper, the algae-based foam also makes it a pretty worthy contender on the sustainability front.


“Sulfur” is one of the more favored color schemes in the Yeezy palette, as the brand has planted the sandy beige on a Knit Runner slipper and boot, as well as on the 450 sneaker. It follows the more monochromatic designs of the shoe line, which also adopts marbled patterns to its sandals every once in a while.

A walk on the wild side — If your first instinct upon seeing the Foam Runner’s debut was to criticize or turn your nose up at the silhouette, it’s understandable. It looks pretty ridiculous. But we’re a few releases deep at this point, and its popularity has risen to the point of being resold at 10 times the initial retail price. Even Kanye’s harassment antics and getting banned from Instagram weren’t enough to hinder Yeezy’s partnership with Adidas. However, if you like the slipper but don’t want to be subject to any stares in public, we can attest to their durability and comfort should you decide to make it your official house shoe.

For those who want to add the neutral paleo-slipper to their rotation, it will see a release in full family sizing at 11 a.m. this Friday, April 22, via the Adidas Confirmed app, Yeezy Supply, and select retailers. It’ll cost you $45 to $90 if you can snag it at retail price; otherwise, StockX is already listing pairs for as much as $359.