Adidas wraps its soccer cleats with “Demonskin” grip technology

Nothing like some horns to control the ball.

Adidas has made a deal with the devil to increase grip of the ball with its new soccer cleats. The Predator 20 Mutator features a series of small spikes wrapped around the toe and side of the cleat, which constitute a new technology called Demonskin. These horns, if you will, were placed using a computer algorithm that mapped key contact points with the ball. In addition to boosting control and touch, this tech also promotes spin.

Another key bonus is that the spikes simply look cool as hell. Rendered in red to go along with splotches of the same color as the upper, Demonskin is an intimidating development in aesthetic. I don’t expect any opponent to quake in their boots, exactly, but I’m all for the psychic values of wearing something menacing. Wearing a Black Sabbath shirt alone makes me feel like I’m not to be fucked with.

What else is new? — The entire silhouette has been revamped, most notably with a high collar that takes a sharp turn downward as it gets to the front. The outsole features enhanced control zones, as well as polyamide-injected layers to help stabilize movement. A two-plate configuration of the studs help reduce weight, and the sockfit collar provides a snug, adaptive fit without the need for laces.

The Demonskin technology will also appear on goalkeeper gloves for better control and to add power to punch clearances. I’m kind of surprised this technology is allowed in the game at all. That must mean the benefits aren’t too extreme, but that doesn’t taper my excitement.

Get your own horns — The Predator 20 Mutator will go on sale January 28 through Adidas website and stores for $275. If you’re just looking to see them in action, look out for Paul Pogba of Manchester United, aka the Red Devils, to wear them on the pitch.