Adidas' Valentine's Day UltraBoost running shoes are loaded with hearts

A very special (and very subtle) design.


As Valentine’s Day approaches, more brands are starting to show love to their consumers. Adidas is the latest to debut a V-Day inspired shoe, releasing a new set of UltraBoost styles. The two monochromatic sneakers feature heart graphics and come in men’s and women’s sizing, so you can match with your significant other (or just be reminded you don’t have one). Either way, the affectionate UltraBoost designs are a subtle way to celebrate your love for sneakers all year round.

This launch comes after the release of Adidas’ new UltraBoost 21, which features a revamped design, thicker Boost midsole, and a Primeknit upper made from recycled materials. But for some reason, Adidas’ Valentine’s Day capsule is made up of now-old UltraBoost 4.0 DNA sneakers, meaning the collection has either been in the works for a while, or more likely — and guessing by its minimalist design — the brand had some extra UltraBoost sneakers lying around and had to figure out how to make a profit. Regardless, these Adidas leftovers are pretty cute, and we know there’s some hypebaes out there who are eagerly awaiting the drop anyway.

UltraBoost your love — Both of the UltraBoost 4.0 DNA sneakers come in a monochromatic black or white hue, with black in men’s sizing and white in women’s. Like most of Adidas’ offerings, the shoes boast a breathable Primeblue knitted upper that’s constructed of a recycled material created with Parley Ocean Plastic.


While most of the shoe’s features stay true to the original UltraBoost 4.0 DNA design — further adding fuel to the conspiracy that these were leftover models — small, adoring details have been attached to align the shoe with Valentine’s Day. A bold red stripe has been applied to the heel, while three tiny hearts decorate the top of the lateral caging. Additionally, more tiny hearts appear on the shoe's medial side midsoles, as well as in collage form across the insoles.

In the product description on Adidas’ website, the brand chose to represent Valentine’s Day with the UltraBoost because “Love is a powerful energy that flows through all of us. Developed as a running shoe, it’s equipped with our innovative Boost sole that delivers outstanding energy return.” So, these shoes apparently also enhance your love energy… whatever that means.


Love can be subtle too — These minimalistic sneakers are the shoe version of a longtime couple — you know you love each other, so no flashy gifts or messages are needed. Instead, you can opt for these subtle UltraBoosts, which are available now on Adidas’ Valentine’s Day hub.

While the UltraBoost 4.0 DNA has already been replaced by the new UltraBoost 21, its Valentine’s Day version still retails at $180. You’ll find the passionate kicks alongside other products Adidas has deemed love-appropriate — mainly anything in stock in red or pink — but just because the brand is half-assing Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you have to. Cupid’s arrow is pointing towards the “add to cart” button…