Adidas designed a wild hoodie made partially out of wood

The collaboration with Spinnova is part of the brand’s sustainability efforts.

Adidas Terrex Spinnova HS1 Hoodie

Adidas is constantly innovating to make sustainably produced goods a larger portion of its business, and now it’s turning to wood as a more environment-friendly material.

Together with the Finnish textile company Spinnova, Adidas Terrex has revealed the HS1, a hoodie that combines wood-based fibers with organic cotton. The nature-derived fiber makes up at least 25 percent of the hoodie’s composition. Its natural color is allowed to remain, as Adidas has cut out any chemicals for dying and bleaching — all while reducing the amount of water necessary for production.

The unisex hoodie arrives in a creamy off-white, and the garment has been designed to roll up into the hood for easy storage or for use as a pillow. When it arrives in July it’ll be a super clean option for your next hoodie, although the most sustainable practice of all would be to avoid buying it if you don’t really need it.


More on the Finnish company — Spinnova entered the stock market last summer, and Adidas acquired $3.65 million worth of shares as part of its initial public offering. Spinnova has focused on wood as a source of more sustainable materials by using a mechanical process to grind wood pulp into a paste. The cellulose is then mixed with water, squeezed into fine strands, and spun into yarn. The practice can be replicated with any natural product that can be turned into a pulp.

In addition to Adidas, Spinnova is also working with The North Face to bring its fibers to production in the outdoor market by the end of 2022. The company estimates that its wood-based fiber could replace 4 percent of the world’s cotton supply as soon as 2033, and it could play a small part in Adidas’ goal to use more sustainable production in 9 out of 10 of its products by 2025.