Adidas takes its Forum silhouette to new heights with a triple-stacked platform

Arriving in a new cream shade and complete with metal buckles.

Adidas Triple PlatForum Hi

Chunky silhouettes have made way for the newest trend in women’s streetwear: platforms. Brands have kept busy releasing heightened iterations of their most classic silhouettes, adding one or two inches to soles. Adidas, however, has tripled its classic platform, unveiling an aptly named Triple PlatForum Hi. While the silhouette first debuted in February for the brand’s “Girls Are Awesome” collection, the newest sneaker comes in a high-top iteration complete with buckled straps.

Adidas has been pushing its Forum silhouette through outrageous revamps and collaborations, seemingly trying to promote the sneaker much like Nike did with its Dunk. The brand has hyped up the Forum through a partnership with Puerto Rican artist Bad Bunny, who first released a “Café” version of the shoe and now plans to drop a pink-hued Forum Low in the coming weeks. By adding a platform to the silhouette, Adidas only advances the trendiness of the shoe, perhaps cementing the Forum as the next “it” sneaker.

Elevated in more ways than one — The newest iteration of the Forum echoes the traditional form of the sneaker, with suede overlays and deconstructed leather. Entirely dressed in a trendy cream shade, the Triple PlatForum Hi can still match most outfits and be worn as an everyday sneaker.


Diverging from the standard Forum Hi, though, the shoe’s collar has been decked out in metal buckles. Giving the sneaker a more fashionable makeover — and perhaps a throwback to 2000’s punk platforms — the buckles appear on the sneaker’s ankle strap and eyestays.

As hinted at by the shoe’s name, the Triple PlatForum Hi boosts the silhouette to new heights with a triple-stacked rubber sole. Each layer can be detected via embroidered lines, making the sole appear “stacked” rather than one big chunk. Blending in with a tonal cream shade, the huge rubber platform avoids looking tacky and instead embraces a more modern and luxe aesthetic.


The anticipation heightens — As of now, Adidas hasn’t announced a release date for its heightened Triple PlatForum Hi. With official images circulating, though, we should see a drop within the coming weeks — especially as white sneakers tend to be a streetwear signal for summer.

The newest iteration of the silhouette is sure to go fast as it falls within three trending categories: monochrome, punk, and platform styles. No pun intended, the Forum has been elevated, and we’re ready to take the sneaker to new heights.