Adidas’ platform Superstar sneaker is ridiculously tall and chunky

Ever wanted Robert De Niro’s platform shoes from The Irishman? Here’s your chance.

Adidas all-black platform Superstar sneaker

Adidas is taking its famous Superstar sneaker to new heights with a monstrous platform. Far surpassing the height of any previous platform model, the modified footwear comes dressed in all black, blending its elongated midsole with the shoe’s upper — which is much smaller than its heightened counterpart. Featuring a zig-zag patterned platform and rippled tread, the sneakers dare you to walk in them; if you can.

The massive Superstar joins Adidas’ growing collection of eclectic sneakers. Its recent collaboration with online comedian Kerwin Frost birthed a similar supersized Superstar sneaker — five times the size of the original model — as well as a Humanchive Forum Hi decorated with a set of plastic eyes, a nose-shaped lace jewel, and a plastic mouth full of exposed teeth. Adidas also has a number of weird Yeezy models expected to drop throughout the coming months, offering fans plush caged booties and tie-dye Foam Runner sandals.

Supersized Superstars — In comparison to Adidas’ other models, the platform Superstar sneaker isn’t the most bizarre — but it will come with its own quirks. Strolling around in the elongated shoe will likely result in a number of ankle injuries, especially at a pace faster than moseying. Wearers should also expect to be compared to Robert De Niro — not for his looks or acting methods, but for the platform shoes he donned while filming The Irishman. Truly, the height of these Superstars rivals the length of De Niro’s film (a whopping 3.5 hours).


While Adidas has yet to announce the sneaker’s specific dimensions, the shoe’s platforms seem to add quite a few inches to the model. Zig-zag patterns decorate the enormous midsole, connecting to a rippled tread which may make it easier (or harder) to walk in the Superstars. As for the upper of the sneaker, not much has been changed; it maintains the Superstar’s classic Three Stripes and rubber shell toes only in all-black.

Elevate your style — A release of the mega platform Superstars is expected in the coming weeks on Adidas’ website. The towering shoes will likely retail far beyond the model’s average $85 price, thanks to their bulky addition — but they’re guaranteed to take your sneaker rotation to new heights; if you dare.

Here’s a preview of what you could look like. Bobby Bank/GC Images/Getty Images