Make your own Adidas Superstar sneaker with an actual Lego set

Taking their partnership firmly into Lego's court.

Adidas Superstar LEGO Kit

Adidas and Lego have already churned out several sneakers to wear since announcing their multi-year partnership in October, but now we’ll finally get something to build.

The two collaborators will release a Superstar brick set next month, allowing you to build a unique decoration to show your love of kicks. Sneaker candles, planters, and incense holders have all become ubiquitous in sneakerhead homegoods, but this blocky Superstar should stand out amongst them.

To highlight the set’s status as a collector’s item, it comes with a display stand to prop the shoe up and a plaque that briefly highlights the shoe’s history. It even comes in its own special-edition box — and if for some reason you want to try to wear it, all sets will create a men’s size 7.5.


A touch of the real thing — Coming in the staple “Cloud White/Core Black” color scheme, the Superstar Lego set utilizes actual shoe laces in the construction (because what would be their Lego equivalent?). A gold “Superstar” logo and tongue insignia carry over the real thing, and 17 additional pieces will allow you make the set yours and possibly create something one of a kind.

If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, you could also bring in other Lego bricks from your own collection for construction. Given the intersection of pro Lego builders and sneaker customizers, we should see some compelling alterations after the set releases.

If you’re down to get building, Adidas will release its Superstar Lego set through its website at 3 a.m. ET on July 3. Also like a real sneaker is the price, which comes in at $90 for a single right shoe.

If you’re more interested in something to wear, however, you’ll have to stay tuned for new releases. As of now, only kids’ sizes are still available for the past collaborations.