Adidas and Stella McCartney’s Earth Explorer apparel is Met Gala worthy

Ella Emhoff models the capsule in hopes of promoting sustainability within fashion.

Ella Emhoff, the stepdaughter of Kamala Harris, stepped out at the Met Gala wearing Adidas x Stella McCartney. Unlike other guests in attendance, she prioritized comfort in a red embellished bodysuit, matching red trousers, and Earthlight trainers from McCartney’s upcoming Earth Explorer collection.

Despite the ballgowns and $30K price tag associated with the fashion event, Emhoff’s athleisure look didn’t seem inappropriate; it certainly wasn’t your average pandemic sweatsuit. McCartney’s Adidas designs constantly offer a glitzy take on athleisure staples like leggings and sneakers, allowing them to be worn anywhere — even the Met Gala.

While Emhoff’s familial ties already fit in with the event’s American independence theme, her outfit’s sustainable production seemed to comment on the country’s struggle to handle climate change. Especially at an event attended by some of America’s richest and most influential stars — who are likely to wear their extravagant Met Gala outfits only once — McCartney's recycled-material piece makes a statement: Sustainable fashion doesn’t have to be boring or casual — it has a place everywhere.

Fashionable and functional — The designer’s next Adidas collection, Earth Explorer, continues her eco-friendly mission by featuring all-condition silhouettes made partially from recycled materials. Built for the outdoors, the drop includes utilitarian overalls made of partially recycled plastic, as well as an All-in-One bodysuit made from 100 percent recycled form-fitting fabric. A multi-purpose Sleeping Bag Puffer Jacket made from 100 percent recycled polyester serves as the highlight of the capsule’s apparel, boasting reflective panels, a full-zippered mesh hood, removable sleeves, and an inner belt that allows wearers to carry the jacket on their back.

Alternative R&B artist Audrey Chu models the Sleeping Bag Puffer Jacket as well as a reflective hoodie from McCartney’s last drop. Adidas

Winter COLD.RDY boots are the standout footwear from the collection, designed to keep warmth locked in with an insulated sock and Adidas’ advanced COLD.RDY technology. Made with partially recycled plastic, the boots flaunt a chic platform and functional laces. Though they may not be ready for a celebrity-filled event (depending on the theme), they’ll provide ultimate comfort, much like Emhoff’s Met Gala fit.

Shining a spotlight on sustainability — Emhoff herself stars in the campaign for the Earth Explorer collection. She showcases the multi-functional pieces in a diary-style film where she treks along wild terrain, spotlighting the importance of nature for wellbeing and escapism. “I feel a very strong connection to the environment in the sense that to continue on as a world we need to protect it,” Emhoff said in a press release. “It’s really important that coming out of this we as a society start to really hone in on sustainable practices that help protect the environment.”


Emerging alternative artist Audrey Chu, as well as creatives and activists Alima Lee and Yanece Cotto, join Emhoff in promoting the collection. The cast of the campaign embodies the rebellious, optimist attitude of the Earth Explorer collaboration, touts a press release.

“When creating this campaign, we really wanted to be able to support next-gen explorers on their adventures within nature through a multi-functional collection,” said McCartney in a press release, highlighting the versatility of the pieces. “The drop includes some really tactical and versatile pieces… that will support activists as they explore with its high-fashion, performance, and protective qualities.”


Available now — Ranging from $180 to $450, McCartney’s Earth Explorer Adidas collection launches September 14, with pieces available on Adidas’ website and the brand’s app. Whether you plan on actually wearing the outdoor wear for function — or are secretly staging your own Met Gala look — the eco-friendly capsule will fit right in.