Adidas is bringing back its Microbounce sneaker tech from 2008

Another retro comes to life in 2020.

Today I have to add sneakers to the phenomena reminding me of the unflinching passage of time. Adidas is bringing back its Microbounce technology, originally introduced in 2008. The springy sole returns on the new Microbounce T1 "All White," turning what was originally intended for a running shoe into something more suited for the lifestyle category.

A synthetic leather heel counter dominates the upper, sitting below a truncated quarter made of mesh. This leather features throughout the other components, making for a super clean mix of materials in all white. But let's be real, it's all about the sole here.

Return of the Bounce — If you're anything like me, these unforgettable soles will hit you with in instant wave of nostalgia. They're made of a series of springy circles and served as a response to Nike's similar Shox technology. Shox, first introduced in 2000, was also retroed in 2017. But it's got me feeling truly old to see Adidas bring back tech from as recently as 2008.

Despite my internal crisis, the return of Microbounce marks the natural course of fashion history repeating itself. We're firmly in the middle of designers culling from the early 2000s, so it's only logical for the later years of the decade to begin rearing course. SoHo is already rife with embracing the almost ugly emphasis of function over form from the aughts, so I'd be shocked if we don't see the Microbounce make appearances in the stylish neighborhood soon.

Become an early (re)adopter — The Microbounce T1 is set to hit retailers in the coming weeks for approximately $190. For millennials, it's a chance to bring back recent history. For Gen Z, it's a chance to cement Cool Kid status by embracing another look from before the generation's heyday.