Adidas taps Boston Dynamics' robot dog to deliver its new Pharrell sneaker

Only 250 pairs are being released.

Pharrell Williams is now known for three things — his music, his new skincare line, and his fresh Adidas sneaker collaborations. And after revamping the Hu NMD in brown and green hues in 2020, Williams is bringing something even cleaner to 2021. The artist — with the help of a robotic friend — has presented his latest Hu NMD in a “Cream” shade.

This may be Adidas’ most futuristic PR packaging yet. The brand delivered its newest Hu NMD sneakers atop a robot built by Boston Dynamics, which featured four legs, scarily accurate movements, and Adidas branding.

Controlled via a remote, the robot could be seen dancing on Pusha T’s Instagram story, while also making appearances at the houses of other high-profile brand signees, like Skateboard P and David Beckham. Of course, the internet went crazy — the robot’s equally fascinating yet terrifying nature makes it perfect for an attention-grabbing marketing campaign.

Minimalistic and modern — As for the shoes displayed on top of the robot, those too look pretty futuristic. The latest Hu NMD sports a creamy knitted upper with a pleated texture, giving the sneakers a more dressed up look. Korean characters decorate the upper in black, spelling out “Human Race” — a message of inclusion, and also the name of Williams’ skincare line.


Black reflective laces bridge the gap between the dark lettering and the bright upper, held tight across the shoe by the model’s signature caging. This time around, it’s been dyed a milky beige and leaks into the shoe’s midsole. There, the caging meets white Boost cushioning and a bright blue mold that clings to the forefoot.

On the heels, a pop of pink highlights traditional Pharrell and Adidas branding. Underfoot, the Hu NMD’s gridded treading has been dyed a stark black.


Campaign imagery shows the shoes next to its courier, and the similarities between them are no coincidence. It appears the Adidas team has designed the robot to mimic the look of the Hu NMD, with a pop of blue toward the front and a light pink rear. The only detail missing is the sneaker’s Korean message — but maybe the robot is capable of speaking different languages. We’ll have to ask Pusha T.

Finite footwear — Unfortunately, not all who order the new Hu NMD will receive it atop a robot, but they can at least imitate Williams’ minimal style. Slated to launch globally on February 5, the cream Pharrell Williams x Adidas Originals Hu NMD will be available exclusively on Confirmed, Adidas’ app. To add to the hype, only 250 pairs will drop — so let’s hope Adidas has cleared any actual robots from getting into the release.