Adidas’ Forum Low ‘M&M’s’ sneaker is absolute eye candy

A pair of shoes that’ll satisfy your sugar craving.

Adidas Originals M&M's Forum Low sneakers
Adidas Originals

Adidas’ Forum sneaker has been subject to many makeovers in its day, but none quite as tasty as this. The sneaker giant has partnered with confectioner company Mars Inc. to present a Forum Low that’s completely decked in M&M’s motifs.

Got a sweet tooth? — The sneaker resembles a giant yellow peanut M&M with bright leather uppers and chocolatey brown accents. The Three Stripes, outsole, and collar are all dipped in the chocolate shade, while the midsole is done in white as a nod to the “M&M’s” logo on the candy. From there, the kicks go into a carefully crafted sugar overload.

Details are what this pair does best, seen through interchangeable emblems and elements that nod to each of the six M&M’s colors: brown, yellow, orange, red, blue, and green. Mix and match the different colored laces, candy-shaped buttons, lace deubrés, and even specially branded ankle straps for dozens of creative combinations. And in case it wasn’t clear who the shoe is inspired by, an oversized “M&M’s” hangtag sits above the Three Stripes.

Adidas Originals
Adidas Originals
Adidas Originals

You can even add graphics of the M&M’s characters, each sporting their own speech bubble with phrases like “Um, where’s Red?” and “I melt for no one.” The brown and green M&M’s are also pictured in their pre-makeover get-ups before they were forced to trade in their heels for sensible footwear and sultry poses for librarian-esque modesty.

All fun and games — The Forum is arguably one of the most played-with silhouettes at Adidas. It reached new heights with Balenciaga, dove into Bad Bunny’s colorful world, got its wings thanks to Jeremy Scott, and was even given a new horse face from Kerwin Frost. Each pair is more experimental than the last; the M&M’s collab satisfies any cravings for a food-themed Forum.

Adidas’ M&M’s-themed Forum Low will hit the Adidas Confirmed app on April 19 for $150. If the price is just out of reach but you still want to rep your favorite candy, you could always buy a pack of the candy and DIY. But then again, an M&M sneaker by any other name just isn’t as sweet.