Adidas' latest '4D' sneaker arrives this week

The new Consortium Runner V2 4D is a huge upgrade.


The Adidas 4D family will expand this week with the new Consortium Runner V2 4D. Calling the shoe an update to the model first introduced last year is doing it a disservice, as the entire upper has been reworked to become much more dynamic.

What's changed? — The original Consortium Runner 4D featured an all-knit upper, understandably emphasizing the shoe’s game changing 3D-printed sole. Now, as 4D has seeped into more and more consciouses, the V2’s upper steps into the foreground with multi-layered construction over a breathable mesh. Together with an excellent contrast of textures and colors, the asymmetric tongue and a trio of counter-balanced Adidas logos make for a potent combination.

When and where can I buy? — Look for the beautiful new sneaker to hit Adidas Consortium retailers, including Solebox, this Friday for $350.