Adidas’ Kerwin Frost sneakers are so terrifying you have to love them

Actually wearing them is a different matter entirely.

Kerwin Frost has treated the opportunity to collaborate with Adidas like only a comedian would. Ostensibly, the streetwear-savvy internet star has created his own version of the Forum Hi — but the final product is so bizarre it’s hardly recognizable as an existing sneaker.

Staring right at you is a shoe transformed into a face that’s hard to place, possibly a horse with human features. The feature most unsettling is a dealer’s choice between the massive mouth that forms the toe, bright blue eyes extending out of the eyelets, and a trail of hair that’ll drag across the ground like a wedding veil from your nightmares.

Altogether, these elements make for the most terrifying sneaker you’ve ever seen. Frost’s Forum Hi makes Jeremy Scott’s zoomorphic sneakers look relatively plain and much easier to pull off. We all may laugh and shiver in equal measure to Frost’s collab, but who would dare to actually wear it?

Seriously, what the hell? — Frost unveiled his sneaker on Instagram with the caption “And for my next act...,” a fitting introduction to what might be the supreme wearable sneaker meme. Of course, it’s just a big joke, and even if the sneaker never released it would still endure as a memorable image. By all appearances, it will indeed release, though, and we’ll just have to wait for details on when, how, and for how much.

With everything else going on, we didn’t even mention the nose sticking out of the sneaker’s tongue — which looks quite quaint compared to all the other facial features. Kerwin Frost’s name appears on the strap, and technically you could say the color scheme is white, blue, and grey. What seems more fitting, however, is to simply call the color scheme “horse.”

Frost also has an Adidas Superstar featuring a puffed-up tongue in the pipeline, which will be much easier to wear but is now likely to be overshadowed by its more freakish follow-up. The comedian also held a telethon last year that raised $5 million for the Know Your Rights Camp, and it was accompanied by a T-shirt and hoodie made by Cactus Plant Flea Market. But whatever else Frost may eventually go on to release, it’s hard to imagine anything topping his haunting Forum Hi.