Adidas’ money-printed Jeremy Scott ‘Wings’ sneaker is super exclusive

Only 1,200 pairs are going to be made.


Jeremy Scott’s first release with Adidas came in 2003, when he debuted 100 pairs of money-printed Forum sneakers. Nearly 20 years later, the collaborators — and their cash-covered sneaker — are back, with a release planned for later this month.

The 2021 JS Money Wings sneaker inaugurates Scott’s partnership with Adidas (again) and marks the brand’s first release with the designer since 2015. Featuring the same graphic treatment as the original, the shoe boasts signature winged attachments for a pretty fly look.

Cash in — In true maximalist Scott fashion, everything on the Forum’s upper features the money graphics, save for its cream laces and deep green accents. The darker shade covers the shoe’s medial Three Stripes, midsole, and tread to give Adidas some credit, while the designer’s signature is etched onto the medial midsole for good measure.


An homage to its original counterpart, the 2021 JS Money Wings sneaker bears graphics of $100 bills to nod to the Forum’s original $100 price tag in 1984. Yet the American dollar shown on the sneaker isn’t quite accurate — Scott’s own face replaces the historical figure typically found at the center of the bill.

Bet your bottom dollar — Although demand for the retro sneaker will be high, only 1,200 pairs will be released during the Adidas’ first-ever Member’s Week on its Confirmed app. Between August 23 and 29, Confirmed members will have the opportunity to access exclusive experiences, rewards, and products — including the 2021 JS Money Wings sneaker.

This could be you.Adidas

It’s worth noting that the dollar-decorated shoes will literally give you a run for your money. While no pricing information has been made available, the Forum Wings are expected to retail around $200, and Confirmed users will have to enter a lottery-based draw to buy the cash-covered sneaker.

Winners of a separate Golden Ticket raffle, however, will be granted direct access to the JS Money Wings shoe. Confirmed app users can enter the raffle to win a Golden Ticket until 11 a.m. ET on August 23.

More Jeremy Scott shoes — including neon jelly-covered Forums and teddy bear slides — are anticipated to arrive “swifty” after the launch of the JS Money Wings sneaker, according to Adidas. New products are set to release in September, though their stock will likely be as limited as that of the Forum Wings. If Scott’s past work is any indication, however, we’ll have plenty of wild designs to choose from in the coming months.