Adidas introduces 4D Run to bolster its futuristic lineup

Coming in a beautiful coral colorway.

Adidas’ 3D-printed sneaker just got more lively with the new 4D Run silhouette. On top of the futuristic midsole featuring Adidas’ innovative printing technology sits a beautiful coral Primeknit upper with a spotted effect with lighter hues of the same color. Branding takes a back seat to the bright colors, as the three stripes are rendered in flat white taping and a small tonal logo appears on the heel. Orange laces give it one extra hit, and the outsole comes in gum, which is simply the best color for an outsole. Altogether, it’s one of the most stunning 4D sneakers I’ve seen yet.

4D enters a new phase — As we’ve mentioned before, Adidas is starting to get more playful as the life of 4D goes on. An intricate, woven midsole is produced by unconventional 3D printing that mixes light and oxygen with programmable liquid resins. Initially, Adidas wasn’t able to produce 4D at high volumes, making for a scarce and highly covetable family of shoes.

The company could essentially bank on the sole alone drawing consumers. Now, with the technology becoming less novel, and easier to produce, there’s room for the rest of the sneaker to scream — and scream this coral joint does.

Make coral yours — Release details have yet to be announced, so keep your eyes on Adidas’ site for more info. Adidas’ 4D sneakers typically start at $300, so expect a price tag around that range. More and more models have been dropping lately, making it easier to get 4D kicks without having to blow a bag on retail. Hopefully the next phase involves them knocking down to the $200 range.