Adidas goes eco-friendly and eccentric for Stella McCartney collection

Welcome to "Futureplayground."

Adidas by Stella McCartney

Fitting into Adidas’ overarching sustainability efforts, Adidas by Stella McCartney may have just released its most down-to-earth collection — in more ways than one. Titled "Futureplayground," the subbrand’s SS21 capsule is an ode to the world and the environment through the lens of the next generation, featuring activists and sustainable materials in its campaign.

British fashion designer Stella McCartney has been working in partnership with Adidas since 2005, designing her collections with both people and the planet in mind. Futureplayground, however, hands over full creative rein for the first time to a talented set of female directors and activists who seek to shape and inspire the world.

Faces of change — In terms of activists and future leaders, the campaign boasts an all-star cast. For its Japanese release, artist Monika Mogi cast Yuri Hibon, who has a passion for organic and sustainable farming, and archer Ren Hayakawa, who harnesses the energy of her surroundings to drive her self-belief and push her performance. In the U.K., filmmaker Netti Hurley shared the stories of her generation through Georgia Moot, a proactive voice for mental health and BIPOC communities, and Calm and Violet, a couple who are both artists and activists sharing their joy of love and passion for equality through art.

Archer Ren HayakawaAdidas by Stella McCartney

For its American sector, director Anna Pollock cast Lourdes Leon, a next-generation voice actively driving change focused on inclusivity and female empowerment. Together, they used dance as a raw expression of the power of individuality and strength of community.

“I love seeing how each individual is working to protect the planet or their community in their own way, and how they’ve each captured the collection in settings that celebrate their environment – serving as another reminder as to why it’s so important we strive to protect it,” McCartney said in a press release. Through a diverse campaign, the bold new collection celebrates individuality as well as inclusivity.

Eco-friendly fashion— Futureplayground keeps sustainability at its heart, using Adidas’ latest material technologies. With Primeblue, a high-performance recycled material, and Primegreen, a high-performance yarn made with 50 percent recycled content, the collection is as eco-friendly as it can get.

Adidas by Stella McCartney

Made with Primegreen, an ultra-lightweight parka kicks off the capsule in an array of floral prints. Boasting an unstructured look, the stylish silhouette can be customized through bungee-adjustable details, or by matching a pair of cycling tights to its eccentric pattern. Designed with Adidas’ Ready temperature management technology, the leggings keep the wearer dry and comfortable.

Alongside a slew of bags, hats, and running packs, the collection also features a fresh running silhouette at the intersection of high fashion and performance. The Ultraboost Sandal uses Primeknit to deliver versatility with the exact amount of flexibility and support required to enhance an athlete’s motion and movement, according to Adidas. It’s made out of Primeblue recycled material.

The Ultraboost certainly stands out from the rest of the collection... Adidas by Stella McCartney

Earth-entically yours — The Futureplayground collection launches January 15 on the Adidas website. Full of eco-friendly picks, buyers can choose between neutrals or crazy patterns. Taking inspiration from the campaign, they can also wear the capsule in a field or while shooting arrows. This collection is truly versatile.