Adam Sandler is 2021’s most Googled fashion icon. As he should be.

A style that’s simply unmatched.

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We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Adam Sandler is a fashion icon. His baggy graphic tees, even baggier basketball shorts, and collection of Ugg slippers are what post-quarantine looks aspire to be. As Sandler has demonstrated since the ‘90s, relaxed styles are foolproof, surviving decades of changing trends and styles — a feat that’s become nearly impossible in the ever-evolving fashion industry.

Now, Google has confirmed what we’ve been saying for the past year. The search engine’s Year in Search data revealed Sandler was this year’s most searched celebrity for trending style, largely thanks to Gen Z’s obsession with the actor and his loyalty to ‘00s styles. And as Y2K makes a comeback, Sandler’s loose, comfortable fits are pushing the Hadids and Jenners to the side. Finally, we have representation of real American fashion.

King Sh*t — Unlike the supermodels flaunting the latest designer pieces, Sandler’s style has a genuine feeling to it — it’s relatable, and more importantly, accessible. Most of the actor’s pieces are affordable and can be easily replicated after a quick trip to Kohl’s or Walmart. It’s no surprise his aesthetic is popular on TikTok, where #sandlercore has 323.6K views and counting.

Consider this our brief fancam.

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Whether he’s wearing Uggs on the basketball court or accessorizing with an entire jar of pickles, Sandler challenges our perceptions of what counts as a good outfit. He’s reportedly worth worth $420 million — enough to afford multiple closet rehauls — but his practically religious commitment to comfort stands out in a sea of actors paying stylists to dress them in near-identical suits. Input, and the world, just can’t get enough of Sandler’s excessively average looks.

2021 or 2001? — In the spirit of ‘00s throwbacks, Britney Spears was named Google’s second top trending celebrity style star of 2021. Spears, whose conservatorship battle finally ended this year after 13 years, was one of this year’s top Halloween costumes.

Other ‘00s celebrities, including the late Aaliyah and Selena Quintanilla, ranked within the top ten celebrity style searches of 2021. Also joining the ranks were fashion-forward singers Doja Cat, Harry Styles, Lizzo, and Cher, with Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton and most surprisingly, former first lady Melania Trump finishing off the list. Perhaps those who Googled the latter should take a hint from Google’s top celebrity style icon — in unprecedented times, untailored is the way to go.