Acne Studios made a super chunky shoe that's part sneaker, part sandal

The Bolzter Bryz's rocky sole kinda looks like Geodude.

Acne Studios Bolzter Bryz

Acne Studios is lowkey a reliable source for endearingly weird and luxurious sneakers, and it doesn't get much stranger than the Bolzter Bryz.

The Swedish brand's latest footwear offering is a chunky sneaker-sandal hybrid that takes cues from Mary Janes and, perhaps, Geodude. A semi-translucent, icy blue sole has massive modules that reminds us of the jacked Pokémon. It would also do well in outdoor settings, with the aggressive tread providing a nice grip on rocky surfaces and its openings allowing your feet to breathe.

The Bolzter Bryz is a reworked version of its Bolzter sneaker, which also takes inspiration from hiking. Put them together and you've got... the Bolzter Boyz (I'm so sorry).

Acne Studios

Strap in — This trendy collision of luxury and gorp comes with velcro straps for easy fastening, and rope laces line the shoe's opening as mere decoration. The upper is made from a combination of faux suede and mesh, giving it a tactical appearance that you couldn't confuse for Swedish minimalism.

For those not familiar with women's footwear, Mary Janes inform the silhouette with its closed, low-cut profile coming affixed with straps. They aren't typically worn with socks, but a pair of white crews could give you a sort-of goofy hiker or tourist look that's easy to pull off. And although you're unlikely to beat up your Acne kicks in the wilderness, the Bolzter Bryz is a quick path to looking the part.

Blow it on blue — If you want to make the Bolzter Bryz and its intoxicating blue sole yours, you can do so expeditiously. The chunky hybrid shoe is available now directly through Acne or at retailers like Très Bien, and the only real barrier is the $500 price tag.

Should you be able to afford it, Acne's new kicks will stand out as more and more people get down with gorpy footwear and sandals. Not everyone will have them, and for once that's not because they sold out quicker than you can say, "The trail goes right."