A$AP Rocky's Vans show you can never go wrong with flames

Exclusively at Pac Sun along with a Russell capsule.

ASAP Rocky Vans Pac Sun

A$AP Rocky’s first collaboration grabbed our attention for his decision to transform the slip-on into a mule. And while we’re still waiting for that sneaker to drop, the perpetually stylish rapper has dropped two new sneakers with the classic skate brand.

Two flame-covered Old Skools have dropped as part of Rocky’s recently announced deal with Pac Sun. The monochrome sneakers are available in either black or white, with flames not only on the upper but also on the contrasting midsoles. Most sizes have sold out since the Vans released Sunday, but a few smaller sizes are still up for grabs as of publishing.

A banner for Rocky’s dedicated page on Pac Sun also shows a black version of his unreleased Vans mules, which are once again fiery. It seems Rocky knows that the best pair of Vans are the Flame Old Skools and has decided to put his own spin on the essential kicks.

Pac Sun

There are also garms — As part of the Pac Sun collection, Rocky has also released a capsule of Russell basics that are anything but. Sweatpants and hoodies feature an all-over, bleach-like skull graphics to continue the biker aesthetic. There are four different color schemes for the set, but our money’s on the electric green and blue version.

T-shirts and jersey shorts ditch the graphics but maintain the same vibrant colors, with the former seeing Russell’s name etched in chenille. Pac Sun is banking big on A$AP Rocky bringing a cool factor to the mall brand and hypebeasts along with it, with trickle down driponomics benefiting Russell. If anyone can bolster a shop catered more to posers than skaters and the brand whose gym gear you dreaded wearing instead of Nike or Adidas, Rocky is the man.

Pac Sun
Pac Sun
Pac Sun

It’s all cheap, too — On the flip side, Rocky’s rabid audience is getting relatively accessible goods at a reasonable price point. The apparel runs from $40 to $90, while the two pairs of Old Skools each sell for a cool $100. The beauty of Vans collaborations is that they never jack up the price, which you couldn’t say about Rocky’s previous sneaker release, an Osiris lookalike sold by Under Armour for $250.

Everything besides the Vans is still readily available on Pac Sun’s website, and now we wait to see if ease of access doesn’t weaken Rocky’s brand.