A psychedelic print from Kapital and seven other fleece pants to keep you cozy

Get yourself something warmer than sweatpants.

For those of us fortunate to be able to work from home, 2020 has been the year of trading in hard pants for sweats. Even if you need to show face for a Zoom call, there's nothing preventing you from opting for comfort above all on the portion of your body that doesn't appear on screen. Hell, Prada even tucked in a collared shirt into sweats with a tie thrown in for good measure — and it rocked.

Now that it's winter, and normalcy is still months away at best, you should take your commitment to coziness to seasonally appropriate extremes. Fleece is our favorite fabric for jackets, but it's even more indulgent on pants. Wearing them is like treating your legs to their own personal fireplace — home renovations not required. And should anything drive you outside, you've got something so warm you shouldn't think twice about any perceived slouchiness.

We've put together a range of shaggy pants you should treat yourself to, from old faithful The North Face to the cult Japanese brand Kapital. Scoop up a pair and you'll have the pants you never want to take off.

Kapital Maze Fleece Easy Pants ($384)

Totem Brand Co.

No one is making fleece in cooler patterns than Kapital, the Japanese adherents to making Americana weird. The only crop circles you should be worried about are the ones here — and just how you'll make them yours.

Brain Dead Debossed Paisley Fur Convertible Zip-Off Pant ($220)

Brain Dead

Brain Dead has been one of our favorite streetwear brands this year and is right up there with Stüssy in its reliability for high quality, less-hyped goods. The faux fur on these convertible pants is essentially a fleece with more sheen, as it too is made out of polyester. When shorts and hoodie weather rears its head again, zip off the legs to keep your thighs toasty.

The North Face Fleeski ($100)

The North Face

The North Face has sold out of its fleece pant in a delightful plum color in all but the biggest sizes, but you can still scoop it up through ASOS. Should you decide to wear it for a proper excursion, you know TNF will ensure it holds up.

Topo Designs Fleece Pants ($98)

Topo Designs

Topo, a smaller outdoor brand out of Colorado, doesn't have a cheeky name for its fleece pants. What it does have is excellent blocking and the built in buckle belt we love from climbing pants.

Gramicci Boa Fleece Truck Pants ($128)


Speaking of climbing pants, the expert Gramicci has made a pair out of a sharp beige fleece that just may look great covered in chalk.

Snow Peak MM Thermal Boa Fleece Relax Pants ($240)

Snow Peak

Snow Peak, Japan's king of outdoor gear, is always worth the splurge. Normally it's with ultra utilitarian gear for your adventures, but these pants will provide the highest tiers of relaxation.

And Wander Top Fleece Pant ($359)

End. Clothing

And Wander, a newer Japanese brand started by two Issey Miyake alums, makes the lesser-known outdoor gear you need to get hip to. Mostly covered in nylon for wind-resistance, these pants are the most clearly intended for exploration on our list. But with full fleece lining, we can't blame you if you only use 'em for loafing.

Comfy Outdoor Garment Precold Fleece Pants (~$173)

Lost Hills Japan

Comfy Outdoor Garment is my favorite niche outdoor outfitter. Humor is its mission statement, but there's nothing funny about how good these fleece pants will feel.