A-Cold-Wall* puts a techwear spin on a pair of Dr. Martens boots

Stripped down and zipped up.

Dr. Martens 1460 Remastered program has brought A-Cold-Wall* into the fold for a pair of boots that blend techwear and workwear seamlessly. The stripped down 1460s remove the laces and eyelets while allowing the lace panel to stick out for an affect that screams A-Cold-Wall*. Branded silicone pull tabs for the zippers also provide a clear through line to A-Cold-Wall*'s hardware, which was open sourced for DIY creations earlier this year.

All together, this 1460 Remastered does a better job than any previous releases at bringing the collaborators' DNA to Dr. Martens.

Channeling Samuel Ross' roots — Dr. Martens and its history of making boots for manual labor makes for a natural partner for A-Cold-Wall*. Designer Samuel Ross takes inspiration from the British working class and his childhood in the British county of Northamptonshire. His collections often find workwear staples next to heavily technical apparel, and his Dr. Martens 1460s combine both elements. For those who wear them, they can easily fit into the punk aesthetic that's favored Dr. Martens or the more of-the-moment techwear movement that's been pushed forward by brands including Acronym, Stone Island, and, of course, A-Cold-Wall*.

Who else has taken on the 1460? — Dr. Martens launched the 1460 Remastered program earlier this year with a Bape collaboration referencing the Bapestas. In the month sense, collaborators have included Raf Simons, Yohji Yamamoto, and Undercover. A-Cold-Wall*'s take on the silhouette is the best yet, which just goes to show how Ross has become one of the strongest young designers in the five years since launching his own brand.

Dr. Martens

Dropping later this month — The A-Cold-Wall* 1460s are slated to release July 25 through Dr. Martens' site and select retailers. Pricing has yet to be announced, but these collaborations have ranged from $160 for the Bapes all the way up to $810 for Yohji Yamamoto's. Most likely, these will come in around the $280 range that the Raf Simons and Undercovers sold for. It ain't cheap, but you won't be wearing out a pair of Docs any time soon either.

Dr. Martens