These weird sunglasses are guaranteed to spice up your accessory game

It's time to start getting some more sunshine.

Brain Dead x Tani Post Modern Primitive Eye Protection
Brain Dead

Now that daylight savings time is in effect, that extra hour of sunshine is probably driving home the need for the perfect pair of sunglasses. Many long days outside are ahead of us, and you need something to protect your eyes while capping off your entire fit.

If you’re into the classics, such as Wayfarers or aviators, you don’t really need our help, but if you’re down to get a little weird and try something new, we’ve plucked eight of the coolest pairs of shades we can find. We’re talking hard angles, bright colors, and often oversized frames that’ll make your sunglasses the most fun part of every outfit.

Take a gander at our selections below to help make you the star of any setting you walk into.

There’s hardly a category we wouldn’t recommend Brain Dead for, but for the past several years it’s been putting out banger after banger of sunglasses. Tortoiseshell in entirely unnatural colors has become the brand’s signature, and the faded blue on this kind of square, kind of round joint is a great wild card formula.

The kind of bold shades that’ll look great with anything — the more they clash, the better.

Cat-eye sunnies are everywhere, so opt for a pair with some harder edges.

Tiny sunglasses should continue having a moment this summer, and you’ll feel like a boss whenever you look over the edges of these deep blue lenses.

Jacquemus’s Altù silhouette is an early contender for this summer’s it sunglasses.

Leave it to Balenciaga to out-freak everyone else with a shape we only see fit to call “alien eyes.”

District Vision uses ultra-light, hypoallergenic, and shatterproof materials to make the most functional athletic sunglasses on the market. Made in collaboration with cult outdoor brand And Wander, this particular pair will serve you just as well at brunch as on a bike.

Prada Linea Rossa is going to be on any worthwhile sunglasses list each and every year. As always, the Impavid silhouette is sporty, futuristic, and lined with the ever-appealing red stripe.