This Thing Rules

I bought the folding door hook that’s all over Instagram. It’s good!

It’s perfect for small spaces and might be the last door hook you’ll ever own.

For over a year, Instagram has been blasting me with sponsored posts from a brand called Yamazaki Home. The Japanese brand sells all kinds of home goods with an emphasis on minimalist design — it’s similar to Muji only it doesn’t sell clothes or pens or notebooks.

One particular home product, the “Folding Over the Door Hook,” kept repeatedly coming up. Last month, I caved and bought two of them from Amazon when the price dropped to $9.95 (normally $16-18 on sale from the $27 MSRP) and I gotta say, as someone who has never purchased door hooks in his life (I’ll get into the reasons in a sec), this one from Yamazaki Home rules — it’s perfect if you live in a small apartment where space is limited.

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Door hooks shouldn’t give you stress. They sell them at Target, Marshalls, the dollar store — literally everywhere. But they have driven me mad. I hate how cheap they look. I hate how they take up so much space on the back of your door when there’s nothing hanging on them. I hate that most of them can’t support a good amount of weight.

The Yamazaki Home Folding Over the Door Hook (they need to hire someone to give all their products better names) is a door hook revolution. It’s made of steel, which means it’s super sturdy. It folds up when not in use, which means there isn’t a rack preventing the door from opening all the way. And it can support some pretty heavy gear. I put a 10-pound backpack full of camera and computer gear on it and the hook didn’t buckle under the load. The product description on the website says it can handle a maximum 13.2 pounds so I just came in under.

More than anything, this particular door hook plays nice with bi-fold closet doors (I just learned the name!). All my closet doors are of the bi-fold kind. Many longer door hooks or racks can’t fit over them because they need to fold up. The Yamazaki Home one does. I also like that the door hook folds up and can be stored in a small drawer. And if you really need to, you could bring them with you when you travel (maybe you might need them in a hotel room or an Airbnb or something).

It works great on bi-fold doors.Yamazaki Home

Don’t just take it from me. Here’s a review from Amanda Burton on Amazon. Burton gave it five stars:

This is a product designed in Japan and packaged for the Japanese market, made in China. The quality of manufacture is outstanding. Heavy gauge metal with smoothly functioning moving parts. The hanger part fits perfectly over a standard door, and is padded slightly to make for a snug, not-scratching fit. This is light-years away from the usual cr*p. If you need this, buy it!

Many times I’ll see a product on Instagram and think: Oh, that looks really cool or useful. And most of the time, when the product finally (this can take weeks or months depending on the vendor) arrives, it’s complete garbage quality with cheap materials. That’s not the case with the Yamazaki Home Door Hook. I can already tell this one is made to last. I bought two, and these may be the last door hooks I ever own.

The regular price is kind of expensive, but if you can get it on sale for $10 or less like I did, it’s worth the money. It would have been nice if the product was made in Japan, too, but sigh.