Lumi Keys review: Like ‘Guitar Hero’ but for learning the actual piano

Learn keyboard basics or brush up on long-dormant skills, and then explore making club bangers, all with this portable, attention-grabbing, and modular illuminated keyboard.

Made by Roli

Lumi Keys is the latest keyboard from British music hardware maker Roli, which is best known for its Seaboard range of rubberized keyboards and its modular Blocks devices.

But where those are made expressly for music performance and production, the Lumi Keys has music education in mind, too.


Learn to play

Lumi Keys uses its individually illuminated keys in conjunction with an app for Android and iOS to teach you songs, scales, and the fundamentals of music theory.

It's like Guitar Hero... except with skills you can transfer to an actual piano. The keys aren't full-sized, but at ⅞ the width of standard ones, they're not far off. They’re also not weighted like real piano keys, but then, few keyboards under $500 offer that.

Crucially, though, the keys are pretty responsive and, generally, if I miss a note it’s me — not the Lumi Keys — that’s to blame.