Onyx RCR review: A powerful e-bike with a lot of hype

This boutique café racer e-bike will turn heads, but is it worth it?

A side view of the Onyx RCR.

The Onyx RCR is a “café racer” style electric bike from Onyx Motorbikes in California. The RCR fits nicely above the Super73 but below something like the Sur Ron in terms of raw power.


The Onyx was not my first e-bike. I started riding around NYC on a Super73 RX. Then, on my first group ride, I saw a couple of guys riding the Onyx RCR. The difference in acceleration between my Super73 and their bikes was… noticeable. I kept riding my Super73 for a couple of months, but eventually I sold it and bought an Onyx RCR.