This Thing Rules

The Logitech MX Master 3 is the best wireless mouse you didn't know you needed

Your IT-issued mouse is trash compared to this wireless badass.

Today's love letter goes out to the humble computer mouse. Outside of gamers who covet their mice like chefs do their knives, the 52-year-old input device doesn't get enough celebration.

While most people simply accept the mediocre mouse (and keyboard, but that's for another day) issued by their company's IT department, now is the perfect time to get one that's not only more ergonomic, but also does more than offer left- and right-click functionality.

Say hello to the Logitech MX Master 3, maybe the best mouse on the planet (in my opinion). Like the name of this series, the MX Master rules.

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I'm gonna skip the stuff about DPI (4,000 if you're wondering) because super-fast mice kind of make me want to vomit because the cursor moves too quickly across the screen for me to keep up with. But if you really care, just know it's fast. There are gaming nice with faster DPI and polling rates out there so if that's important to you, maybe look elsewhere.

Really, the MX Master 3's remarkableness comes down to a few reasons:

It's comfortable AF — The sculpted body has evolved over three generations to mold to the curvature of most palms. The asymmetric design is superior compared to, say, Apple's Magic Mouse, which has a profile that's too low and fatigues my hand. The only downside to the MX Master 3 is that it's for righties only. Lefties are SOL.

The MagSpeed wheel is awesome — You know how a mouse's wheel can feel stilted, scrolling line-by-line? Yeah, I hate that. Which is why I love that you can press the mode button below the wheel and it'll switch it into a "free-spin mode" that basically gives you inertial scrolling. Also kickass: you can press the wheel and it'll activate a gesture scroll that lets you slide the mouse up and down for a more precise scroll.

Love the thumb wheel — This knurled metal dial is perfect for Tweetdeck and editing video clips on a timeline in apps like Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro. I don't always need to scroll horizontally, but when I do, having a wheel that goes left and right sure is more convenient than dragging the horizontal scroll bar. Another great use: in Chrome, you use it to switch between open tabs; it's very useful if you always have a gazillion tabs open like I do.

Less reaching — Below the thumb wheel are two buttons for forward and backward. What more do I need to say? It's a godsend not having to drag your mouse up to click the on-screen buttons in a web browser.

Non-gimmicky gesture controls — Oftentimes, gesture controls are so poorly implemented they might as well not exist. Not so on the MX Master. Pressing the gesture button (at the base where your thumb rests) brings up Windows 10's task view and timeline, and pressing and swiping up in any of the four directions launches different shortcuts. For example, pressing the button with a swipe up opens the Start menu, pressing it with a swipe down brings you to your desktop, and pressing with a swipe left or right switches between desktop screens.

70-day battery life — The MX Master 3 is an endurance champ and thankfully the battery charges via USB-C.

Like any essential tool, anyone who works on a computer for long hours every day should consider investing in this mouse. It's gonna last forever and you can stave off carpal tunnel. Also, you don't have to take my word for it, many well-known YouTubers like MKBHD and Unbox Therapy swear by the MX Master mice. I'm just sayin'.