GoPro Hero 9 review: Vlog the apocalypse and have fun while doing it

Leave the bulky mirrorless or DSLR at home. It'll only slow you down when you're running from virus-infected zombies.

2020 has taught us one thing: prepare for the worst. You've got your mask, hand sanitizer, toilet paper, and a stocked pantry. Now you need a camera that can capture this hellish nightmare without breaking down on you. You need a GoPro Hero 9 Black.

A bigger mirrorless or DSLR is going to weigh you down when you're running from the zombies, errr, virus. The Hero 9 is small, rugged, waterproof, and shoots up to 5K resolution. It's built for doomsday scenarios. The battery lasts longer than the previous Hero 8 and there's a screen on the front for vlogging. Nobody's gonna believe you survived the apocalypse if you don't vlog it.