G-Fuel's chili dog flavored Sanic drink rattled me to the core

Making an actual chili dog smoothie might seriously be more palatable than drinking this meme dust.

G-Fuel's Sanic-themed energy powder that tastes like chili dogs. Food. Drink. Video games. Gaming. M...

Chili dogs are great. That’s not an opinion, that’s just an inherent human truth like hating airlines or loving Tom Hanks. It’s also the reason why G-Fuel’s Sanic-themed “Chili Dogs” flavored energy powder is an affront to civilized society as we know it.

Let me explain: earlier this year, G-Fuel, a manufacturer of energy powders marketed towards masochists in the e-sports community, announced that it would be making a granulated drink mix branded with one of the most recognizable gaming memes ever...