This is 'Extreme Reviews'

An Input video series where Deputy Editor Ray Wong tests the latest gadgets — with an extreme twist!

Input tech review series "Extreme Reviews" starring Ray Wong

Hello Input reader, Deputy Editor Ray Wong here. By now, you know we do things very differently here. Our website doesn’t look like other websites, our content might ruffle some feathers, and our reviews — well, you can read our strong opinions and take a look at our distinct product photography yourself.

When we started Input, we weren’t ready to do video reviews. As with our website, we saw what everyone else was doing and didn’t want to do a series that looks and sounds the same. So we’re trying something different — a tech series called Extreme Reviews. I’ll be your host as I take the latest gadgets and put them in extreme scenarios.

In our first episode, my producers decided to launch me up in an open-door helicopter, thousands of feet up in the air above New York City, to shoot with the Fujifilm Instax Mini Evo instant camera — on a freezing day. It was unreal!

We’re just getting started, and we want you to come along with Extreme Reviews. Want to see a specific product reviewed in an extreme scenario? Just leave a comment in any of our videos or email me ( with the subject “Extreme Reviews Idea” and we’ll consider it. Who knows, maybe we’ll do it! The wilder the idea, the better. (Sorry, no points to ideas that lack any imagination.)

Let’s make something actually entertaining in the tech reviews space. And, of course, we’d greatly appreciate it if you could subscribe to Input’s YouTube channel and drop a thumbs up.

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