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Cold feet are outlawed in my house thanks to these North Face mules

For $55, The North Face ThermoBall Eco Traction Mule V Slippers banish cold feet to another realm.

Unlike Elsa, the cold has always bothered me. Despite growing up in the Northeast, attending college in Boston, and being an avid skier, I never grew an affection for winter. Instead, it was a time of misery and suffering.

The pandemic has only enhanced this, forcing me to move back home with my parents and live by their thermostat rules. Our house is notoriously drafty — it was built in 1873 — and combined with my father’s strict surveillance of the radiator temperatures, I knew I was in for a cold winter. Thanks to the same poor blood circulation as my mom, my hands and feet could practically be used as ice packs, and bedding became my new WFH uniform. This solution wasn’t very mobile, however, so the search for the perfect slipper began.

With Elsa out of the picture, it’s more accurate to describe this situation like Cinderella’s. While I didn’t scour an entire village, I did scroll through endless web pages advertising the perfect slipper — but of course, none were the right fit. I even ordered a few pairs to test IRL, only to find disappointment. I should have known that like the Disney movie, my savior was just around the corner.

For $54.99, The North Face ThermoBall Eco Traction Mule V Slippers gave me my fairytale ending. They were everything I looked for in a slipper — warm, comfortable, stylish, and colorful. I’m not enjoying the cold weather now, but I’m certainly not complaining anymore.

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Best foot forward — The Thermoball slipper’s synthetic insulation is warmer than any quality wool slipper I’ve tried. Completely surrounding your foot, it’s cased between a soft fleece lining and a 100 percent recycled ripstop upper that’s durable and water resistant. Your toes will be enclosed in a haven of comfort.

That being said, it’s easy to slip in and out of these slippers, if you do want to leave that haven. With a collapsible heel, the Thermoball shoes can be worn like mules, and loops near the foot opening allow the wearer to pull the slipper off with ease.

The North Face

Really, you could wear these slippers anywhere. An outsole, made of 40% recycled rubber, provides ultimate traction, and means you don’t necessarily have to change into “outside shoes” just to get the mail or sit on your porch. Plus, a supportive memory foam sole makes walking anywhere a plush experience.

Slip into something more comfortable — TNF Thermoball slippers are available in sizes for everyone, and come in an array of colors. Men’s and women’s sizes boast classic yellow, black, and camo colorways, while kid’s sizes have the most fun with patterns, bright blues, and neon pinks. As I am a kid at heart, and in shoe size, I purchased these pink kid’s slippers. They fit perfectly.

The North Face

For only $54.99, these TNF slippers changed my everyday life. No longer do I have to work from a bundle of layers, nor do I have to brace my feet for frigid floors. Literally and figuratively, don’t get cold feet — your search for the perfect slipper ends here.