Laura Harper

Laura Harper is a Women’s Lifestyle Commerce Writer for Bustle Digital Group. She began her career as a freelance marketing writer for several major brands before heading up METRO Content Solutions, a division of CBSi, as Lead Editor. She has written buying guides and travel guides for sites including Amazon and Orbitz.

A teenage fascination with hair color and the latest cuts led to a cosmetology license and a few years behind the chair instead of in it. She’s always up to try a new style, or at least think about it, and her weekends are often centered on helping friends and family with prom up-dos or wedding makeup. She’s a former state-licensed real estate appraiser in Michigan and an alumnus of Macomb Community College.

When she’s not sharing great deals on beauty, home, and travel products, you can find Laura hoping this is the year the Packers finally make it back to the Super Bowl, indulging in her newfound passion for Korean cooking, or participating as a lowkey member of the BTS Army. Yoongi may or may not be her bias.