These tiny gadgets hide big time power

Downsize your life, upscale your productivity.

I live for gadget miniaturization. Always have and always will and that's not just because I live in New York City, which limits the amount of space I have. But because tiny, powerful gadgets are proof of technological progress. It's a modern miracle whenever we can take one piece of technology and make it smaller and ridiculously more powerful.

15-year-old me would have killed for a 1TB microSD card or high-performance DJI drone that folds up and fits in your jacket pocket. 🤯 x 100.

My life-long obsession with small, powerful gadgets has culminated into a collection that I'm very satisfied with. Everything below is a dope piece of kit that I own, or have tested, and can vouch will take up as little space as possible either in your bag or home. They're not always the best value when it comes to price, but I'm willing to pay extra to get big power in tiny packages. Mini gadgets forever!