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The best Android controller is $20 off right now

The Razer Kishi is basically the best you can get.

We love smartphone game controllers around here. I wrote about the poorly named Flydigi Wee 2T, which is great for the price, but Ryan, our Senior Gaming Editor, wrote about the Razer Kishi, which is the MacBook Pro of phone controllers.

The Kishi is basically the only controller that uses your phone's USB-C port to connect. Most others use Bluetooth, which is notoriously fiddly, adds just a touch of lag, and drains some battery life. Here's how Ryan describes the Kishi in his piece:

Despite a mushy D-pad, it's by far the best phone controller on the market. The analog sticks feel fantastic, it fits perfectly on multiple devices, it's USB-C connection banishes even the idea of lag (essential for already laggy game streams), and, as if that weren't enough, it's L2 and R2 triggers are pressure sensitive. Are you understanding what that means? That means you can get the complete Mario Sunshine experience via the Dolphin emulator. Heaven.

And here's the great news: right now it's on sale for $20 off! Technically, it's the older version of the Kishi, which doesn't have the Xbox branding, but that's it; there's no functional difference. You can use it to play retro games in emulators or use it to stream full PC games with services like xCloud. Will it fill the hole in your heart? No, but it will make it easier to play Pokémon ROM mods, and that's what's really matters.

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