The 10 safety essentials that should be in your hiking backpack

Planning on heading out on a hike? You’ll need to pack along some essential gear in case things go wrong. Start here.

You’ve planned your route, broken-in hiking shoes, and found a backpack that doesn’t rub your shoulders to the point of wanting to punt it into a lake.

The hiking agenda is ready, but did you pack gear that’ll come in handy if something goes wrong?

While it’s unlikely, being prepared to stay out on the trails longer than you anticipated is a smart move, even if you only plan to be out for a few hours. A sprained ankle, inclement weather, or losing the trail while foraging for mushrooms could all spell arriving back at the trailhead later than expected.

These 10 essentials are all designed to help you out if something goes wrong. Today, even the National Park Service recommends packing the 10 essentials: navigation, sun protection, extra clothes, extra water, a first-aid kit, fire, nutrition, shelter, a knife, and a light source.

In addition to aiding in minor injuries, these supplies make it possible (though certainly not comfortable) to stay out overnight. In the case of hiking, being over-prepared is far better than being under prepared.

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Garmin inReach Mini

Getting lost on the trail is no one’s idea of a good day. The Garmin inReach Mini allows you to check maps, weather, and send text messages through the Iridium network of satellites above. The bad news is you’ll also have to sign up for a service plan that costs $15 minimum.

Glossier Nalgene Bottle

One of our favorite water bottles is also incredibly affordable and fits the bill for packing along extra water while hiking. The Glossier Nalgene bottle holds 16 ounces of water with a narrow mouth, so you’re less likely to dump it all over yourself. Pair this with a Lifestraw for optimal filtration, and you’re ready for the wilderness.