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Is Casper's $65 pillow actually worth it?

Can an expensive pillow really help you sleep better?

The Original Casper Pillow

Between actually falling asleep, tossing and turning throughout the night, and feeling groggy in the morning, sleep never meant rest to me. My chronic illness makes it hard for me to go to bed and stay asleep, resulting in more pain for myself and everyone around me. Seemingly in vain, I tried every remedy accessible to me, but to no avail. No form of melatonin, lavender sprays, or weed soothed my pain.

And before you cite user error, know I tried these treatments in tandem with monitored electronic use, stretches, and warm showers. At one point, I even tried to exercise more to tire myself out like a parent might do with their child.

Despite my desperation, I was hesitant to pick up a Casper Pillow, after fatefully wandering into the pillow aisle at my local Target. With all I had tried, I was skeptical a pillow would improve the way I slept, and the price tag further set me off. At 20-something years old, I could easily drop $65 on shoes, a good meal, or a side table — but a pillow?

Does this look like it’s worth $65?Casper

After a good 20 minutes of internal debate — and laying my head against an array of plastic-covered pillow displays — I decided to accept my reality and buy the Original Casper pillow. It came with a 30-night trial anyway, so if its promised plushness didn’t offer me relief, I could return it without much hassle.

For the past two years, I had been sleeping with two pillows — one firm and one soft. I preferred the firm feeling, but kept the other for its plumpness. Although it seems an obvious remedy now, I hadn’t tried something in-between the two, like the Original Casper pillow, which boasts a pillow within a pillow. The inner pillow is firm, while the surrounding layer mimics soft down filling, advertised as resistant to dreaded clumping.

A look at the pillow-in-a-pillow technology. Casper

Carrying my purchase and stubborn attitude up to my bedroom, I carefully dressed the pillow in a case and prepared to go to bed as I normally would. As relentless and tired as I was, I almost wanted the pillow to fail me, just so I didn’t have to credit my sleeping solution to something as simple as a change of bedding.

Unfortunately (yet fortunately?), the pillow exceeded my expectations, putting me to sleep in minutes and keeping me asleep throughout the night. I woke up suddenly understanding morning people and adults who spend $65 on pillows.

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As such a great one-night stand, the pillow has kept me company in bed since. A month after purchasing it, I still feel refreshed waking up, and have finally gotten rid of the tired feeling that used to follow me throughout the day. As skeptic-turned-preacher, I cannot recommend this pillow enough — and I don’t just say that because I’m sleeping with it.