How to lube mechanical keyboard switches and stabilizers

If you want buttery-smooth keypresses and ASMR-level acoustics, this is the only way.

Henri Robbins / Input

Why would you want to lube your switches and stabilizers?

The number one benefit is a smoother, more satisfying keypress. There will be less scratchiness in the action and you’ll get much better sounds. The same is true with stabilizers — your spacebar and modifiers will feel smoother, have a more consistent feel, and will be quieter with less rattle.

Henri Robbins / Input

What you’ll need

  1. Switch separator (I 3D printed mine, Glorious makes one too)
  2. Stabilizers
  3. MX-style Switches (I’m using Blue Velvets)
  4. Dielectric grease or Super Lube for stabilizers (these are too thick for switches)
  5. Lube (I’m using Tribosys 3204, but for tactile switches get a thinner lube like Krytox 205g0)
  6. A small brush