Holiday Gift Guide

These are truly the most ridiculous gaming gifts you can give this year

From insane gaming chairs to retractable tables.

You probably have a gamer in your life. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but gaming is pretty darn popular these days. And considering the holidays that are coming up, maybe you’ve done a little browsing to see if there are any gifts that might elicit the joy and surprise many of us can only look back at videos of N64 kid to relive. Those were the days.

But maybe that means you’re just not looking hard enough — so we’ve done the work for you. We’ve assembled a list of the most eye-popping gaming gear you can find on this sick, twisted planet. Whether the gamer in your life simply has it all or they’re some kind of gaming Bruce Wayne, we have something that’ll blow their socks off. Can you afford some of these gifts? Have you considered a life of cybercrime? You might after looking at some of these.

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EA recently released Star Wars: Squadrons. So yes, this list includes a Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog Flight Stick. Fourteen pounds of metal with 55 fully programmable buttons and two four-direction hat switches, this bad boy will have you flying circles around the Empire in no time. Or rather, it should — while a couple of Thrustmaster flight sticks have worked with Squadrons, we haven’t personally tested this one. That said, it’s freaking gorgeous, and it comes with a dope pull / push throttle system for crying out loud!

Editor's note: Need an instrument panel? A real-life flight pilot bag?

Secretlab chairs are great. They’re comfortable, offer proper back support, and are easily recognizable due to their stylish design. What makes them stand out, though, is the Napa leather: soft, cool to the touch, often found in fancy automobiles. It’s a luxury that’s meant to last a long time; we’re talking several years of repeated sits.

If you want your cheeks to be cradled by full grain leather during long gaming sessions, then the Titan is your chair. Just make sure to check that Napa leather box before hitting purchase.

This is the Godzilla of racing simulators. The V100 (stage 3) comes with a triple 65-inch display setup, motion simulation, dynamic suspension, and a damn car. Seriously, look at this monster!

It comes with so many things. I’m talking about a metallic wheel base and formula hydraulic pedals. Three racing games. It even comes with a custom-built PC to make sure your games run on their highest settings. A Bose audio system?

Look, this is the coolest, most absurd bundle of gaming I’ve ever seen. You can’t just buy this and play a few racing games in your spare time. No, for that price and supreme gaming experience, you’re going to have to dedicate some real time to racing. Become a pro even. Just make sure you’re properly utilizing this behemoth.

I never thought I’d need a $500 set of dice. Then again, I’ve never wanted to stunt on my friends during game night. But if I did, I’d snag these bad boys. Carved out of pure tungsten, they’ll double as center piece or collectible — possibly displayed next to something else ridiculously expensive — as well as a playing dice. Just be careful rolling them around. They’ll easily damage a game board and / or put an eye out during a night of Dungeons and Dragons.

I know what you’re thinking, 250 bucks seems like a ton of money for a mouse. The price is relative to what you’re buying, though; there are plenty of solid gaming mice that cost between $70 - $150. But here’s why you might want to splurge on Razer’s Mamba HyperFlux.

For one, it never needs to be charged: The HypeFlux connects to the Firefly power mat (included with purchase) inductively. Its lightweight frame and 16,000 DPI optical sensor provide swift and accurate movement. Toss in all of the normal Razer goodies for the mouse and pad — customizable color options for that cool glow, customizable buttons, reversible surfaces, etc. — and you’ve got a gaming mouse that will satisfy even the pickiest players.

Look, most gaming keyboards aren’t typically this expensive. Corsair’s K100 RGB Optical Mechanical Gaming Keyboard isn’t just an ordinary peripheral, though. It has some of the normal perks, like a durable aluminum frame — I’ve got more than my share of keyboards while traveling to and from my office — and textured W,A,S,D keys. Beyond that, it also offers short key distances (from the board) and lighting-fast key polling rates (the speed at which the board reports key positions / records presses). This translates to fast and accurate inputs, giving you a leg up on the competition.

Then there’s the customizable control wheel, which not only controls unique settings across the board but also activates custom actions per game. Add in the six dedicated and fully programmable macro keys, the dynamic RGB backlighting and 44-zone three-sided light edge to set the mood and you’ve got a great gaming keyboard on your hands.

The Astro Gaming A50 Wireless headset is a solid piece of head gear. It’s durable, features an amazing voice / audio experience and comfortable ear cushions — the headset is super adjustable to fit multiple head sizes. It uses the Astro Command Center software, allowing further tweaking of the voice and game audio settings; you can change how loud your mic is, toggle whether or not you can hear yourself (for streaming purposes), save EQ presets, and more. Lastly, the added buttons on the ear cups are great for controlling things like the volume and swapping presets.

There’s also the stand, which not only keeps the A50’s lithium battery charged but provides a stylish, uh, stand for the headset to rest on. Essentially, this pairing has all of the bells and whistles most competitive players want.

And you thought the tungsten dice were something. What about a gaming table with a removable, spill-resistant top? The Prophecy Gaming Table is the sports car of gaming tables. That’s before you add a lift mechanism (adding another $1,500 to its price) that raises the play area to whatever height is needed.

Wyrmwood, the company that makes this insane table, also sells chairs (though they don't have a lift mechanism, sadly).

Speaking of chairs, there aren’t many that rival the Predator Thronos Air. This monster allows for up to three monitors or an ultra-wide display, which sits above an adjustable tray that houses your keyboard and mouse. Enter and exit via its door as the outer portions surround you, allowing for an immersive experience. And the seat itself is super comfortable with its ergonomic design and massage feature. You’ll want to live in this thing.

There are gaming monitors and then there’s the Omen X. Offering amazing 4K visuals — thanks to Nividia’s G-SYNC HDR and 144hx refresh rate — it’s possible that your FPS skills will significantly improve. Or at the very least, you’ll be able to more clearly see the areas needing improvement. And with its 120-Watt Sound Bar, you’re going to be able to hear and see EVERYTHING.

No screen tearing. No flickering. Awesome visuals. Solid range of color. Ultra-low latency. What more could you want?

Bhaptics makes a solid haptic suit. Good for VR, these wearables allow players to feel all of the bumps and bangs associated with gaming. They send feedback to vests and arm bands, letting you know if you’ve been hit or touched.

The Tactsuit vest provides a solid experience on its own. Players will feel everything from hugs to gunshots — nothing dangerous of course, just a rumble or shock representing the onscreen happenings. It comes with 70 individual haptic points, all of which are controllable. For a few hundred bucks more, players can snag the Tactal face cushion (to feel punches to the face) and Tactosy arm and hand sleeves (for gun recoils and pressure-based feedback). There’s even a Tactosy for your feet. The Tactsuit offers all the feels.